Community Engagement

We are here to ensure that the school personnel and the parents/carers of Amity College students have a strong, supportive and trusting relationship to develop the student in a holistic manner. This trusting relationship should also extend to the wider community of the College, where the Community Engagement team along with the support of its parents and students will work on building constructive ties between the school and its community.

We believe that the success of the College’s students, is highly dependent on the constructive relations developed between the parents, the community and the school personnel.


The following are weekly programs and activities operate at the Prestons Campus

  • Mothers’ Discussion Groups
  • Fathers’ Discussion Groups
  • Fathers’ Breakfast group (presentations are also part of this breakfast gathering)
  • Mothers’ Cooking Classes
  • Mothers’ Sewing Classes


There are various weekend activities which are organised at least once a term. These activities provide great opportunities for all parents to get know each other as well as the school’s Community Engagement Team. Some of these weekend activities are:

  • Family picnics
  • Fruit picking (whatever is in season)
  • Outings to cafes and restaurants
  • Horse riding
  • Fishing trips
  • Cultural activities such as Tulip Festival and museum visits
  • Various sports activities such as volleyball, tennis

TRIPS: Interstate & international Trips

Throughout the year, we have a number of interstate and international trips. These trips can be both family oriented or just for mothers/fathers. The aim of these trips are not only to provide an opportunity for either families or mothers/fathers to have a worldly outlook on life but also to support well-being.


This is once a year program which provides the opportunity for the mothers and daughters; the fathers and sons to engage in quality time together. These camps are usually organised in well programmed and facilitated camp sites. It is a great opportunity to build relationships and strong bonding all around.


There are a variety of sporting activities such as soccer tournaments, volleyball, table tennis and squash organised throughout the year. These activities develop strong bonds between the participants in a fun atmosphere.


It is of the utmost importance for everyone to become aware of, be conscience of the environment and develop the responsibility of taking care of the geographical area we are located at. The best way to achieve this is being a role model to the young who are the future of tomorrow. Throughout the year, the Community Engagement team organises community engagement projects such as:

  • Clean Up Australia Day
  • Tree Planting Day
  • Save an animal – protection of wildlife

These activities can be carried out with the whole family or in small parent groups.


Humanitarian social service/justice projects and activities are organised to enhance and support the development and extension between the College and the world beyond, but are also strategies to support people who are need. It is important for our students and parents to become aware of the wider community and their needs. These humanitarian and community engagement projects include:

  • Development of water wells
  • Cataract operations
  • Qurban Campaigns
  • Ramadan Food Packages
  • Helping the homeless
  • Donating blood
  • Visiting nursing homes, hospitals etc

HOME VISITS: (in conjunction with the Pastoral Care teachers)

Pastoral Care teachers try and make one home visit a year to students’ home, whom they are responsible for. There is great benefit in the holistic development of the child when the school knows the student well and the communication link between the school and the parents are open. Community Engagement team work closely with the Pastoral Care teachers of the school to enhance the communication between the parents and the school.

SEMINARS: (in conjunction with the College’s Counselling Team)

The Community Engagement team, working closely with the College’s Counselling Team, organise Parent Seminars with relevant and current issues of concern for both parents and the youth of today’s society.