Youth College : A Mission to Build Responsible Youth

Youth College is offered by the Islamic Sciences and Research Academy (ISRA) , a partner of Charles Sturt University, to the interested students at Amity College.

ISRA Youth College’s mission is to provide high school students with a solid understanding and appreciation of their cultural identity through comprehensive cultural knowledge, skills and understanding, as well as strengthening their personal growth and development. This program’s goal is to educate a new generation of responsible youth leaders in Australian society.

Youth College offers the following:

  • Art: Students will get touch with their creative side through traditional art
  • Character Education: Focuses on constructing strong character education.
  • Scripture: Students will excel their Quran knowledge and recitation
  • Spirituality: Students will be able to explore stories from scriptural texts.

In addition, exciting workshops are held during term breaks and students also have a Summer Programs to further holiday engagement.

The program is every Saturday and starts at 10 am and continues till 1:30pm. The term commencements are same as schools’.

Cost is $100 per term and will cover all the equipment necessary for the subjects. Staff who has dedicated themselves to this program is proficient and works voluntarily.

Interested students and parents can contact ISRA.