Transport Services for Students

Amity College provides bus transport services to its students in Prestons and Illawarra Campuses through current service provider Chopper Transport Services.

This service is provided depending on the availability and the number of students willing to use the service on a certain route.

You can find the current transport fees at the SCHOOL FEES page.

2020 SCHOOL BUS ROUTES (to Prestons Campus)

Important things to note :

Bus routes can change every term, and Amity College has the right to cancel or change any of these services if the student numbers are not viable for the continuation of that particular route.

We can refuse to continue the service if the student moves to an area where we do not provide a bus service or the bus service in that area has no vacancies. 

School Travel Pass applications

Your child may be eligible for free or subsidised travel on public transport, between home and school, as part of the School Student Transport Scheme.

For general information about the School Student Transport Scheme visit