The Maths Cup

The Maths Cup is an electrifying competition which redefines how students experience Maths. It is designed to encourage a greater student interest in mathematics, to put the fun back into functions, to create a desire to solve challenging puzzles, and to foster a burgeoning joy within students for problem solving and teamwork.

Having started from humble beginnings, but now enjoying a rich and storied heritage, the Maths Cup has quickly grown into one of the most exciting Maths competitions.

Every year in the first week of September, this captivating competition allows Year 6 students from across NSW to test themselves against the best the state has to offer, adding to the challenges, multiplying the excitement, and providing infinite thrills for all who choose to take up the test.

Amity College is proud to organise this competition of its own.

Watch Maths Cup in Action


“One of my students thanked me for letting her attend. She described it as wonderful experience to me that sums it up. The students were highly motivated and challenged by the activities.”

“One of the best tournaments I’ve been to.”

“Can I do it again?”