Executive Principal's Message

At Amity College we strive to provide our students with a holistic educational experience catering for their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Our focus is on achieving academic and creative excellence coupled with a strong sense of self-integrity and social responsibility so that whatever our students pursue and wherever they end up, they exceed the set standards and enrich their setting as well as every individual they encounter.

As an educational institution, we believe that it is our duty towards our society and at large the whole humanity to raise our students as socially and morally responsible individuals. Being a nondenominational independent school providing learning opportunities from Kindergarten to year 12, we stand for the notions of learning, inquiry, exploring, achieving and inspiring. Every student who becomes a part of the Amity College family is valued and nurtured as an individual and appreciated for all the unique and vibrant elements they add to the school environment.

Alongside being firmly determined to continue our record of academic achievement, we are committed to improving our programs and initiatives to make our students responsive, proactive and productive members of our wider community, today and every day of their lives.

At Amity, there is a strong spirit of cooperation and collective effort as we work closely together with our parents via individual visits and common programs to further enhance every aspect of our students’ education experience. Our relationship with our students is maintained even after they graduate giving them opportunities to make valuable contributions to our school’s setting as alumni. Our Alumni body organises various events and takes part in significant initiatives such as our unique in-class tutoring and mentoring programs.

We truly believe that the right educational philosophy and its successful implementation can steer the direction of our nation to a mutually-understanding, loving and progressive one and we aim to establish individuals who will be driving this course.

After having reached the milestone of the 20th year anniversary of our school’s foundation in 2016, we continue to endeavour to give the best education experience to our students as we can and remain keenly committed to our vision of serving our school community and the wider Australian community by raising fine future generations.

Deniz Erdogan
Executive Principal
Amity College