Executive Principal's Message

It is a great privilege to be appointed as the new Executive Principal of Amity College as of 2022. I look forward to leading this amazing school that has established itself as a safe, innovative and value-based institution. I am deeply thankful and blessed to step into a role that has been served greatly by amazing leaders before me; each one having left behind a great legacy.

Over the past 25 years, Amity College has grown from its humble beginnings with just 32 students to an exceptional school with more than 2,200 students across three campuses.

At Amity College, teaching and learning is the main focus as it should be in every school. As a school, we see it as our mission to nurture responsibility and inspire excellence by helping all of our students perform to their personal best and reach their potential in a safe and supportive environment. Our teachers set high expectations for success and provide a positive and inclusive learning environment that supports students in achieving their goals.

Needless to say, schooling is not just about academic success. As a school, we also focus on improving the emotional intelligence of our students by helping them become aware of themselves, understand their environment and establish positive relationships.

One of the unique offerings of Amity College is its pastoral care program. Dedicated pastoral care teachers and mentors help our students develop as well-rounded individuals. Our mentors are our graduates who return to help and become positive role models for our students through various activities.

Amity College graduates are open-minded, compassionate and competent young people, ready to serve in their community. Led by a team of proactive young individuals, our alumni association, SAGA, has been actively engaged in and serving the alumni and wider community since its inception in 2015. It gives us pride to see our graduates return to serve the school community.

We are proud of the trust our parents have in our school. We believe that positive family-school relationships are vital in order to raise well-rounded children. That’s why we have a strong community engagement department that builds bridges between school and parents through home visits and various activities.

Amity College strives to provide an experience that guides all students to navigate their way today, and in doing so, enables them to shape their world tomorrow. This is why it gives me great honour to know that I will be embarking on my new chapter here at Amity College.

I look forward to meeting you and enjoying the warm welcome of the Amity College community as the year advances.

Mehmet Koca
Executive Principal
Amity College