High School Certificate (HSC)

With years of successful HSC results, Amity College prides itself in providing an enriching HSC experience to its students. Since its inception, it has been a major leader in South Western Sydney with success in certain HSC subjects and overall attainment.

Every year approximately 1 in 2 students graduating from Amity College achieve an ATAR above 80 and close to 1 in 4 attain an ATAR above 90.

In recent years it has achieved top ranks in all of NSW in subjects such as BUSINESS STUDIES, BUSINESS SERVICES, PDHPE, MATHEMATICS, MATHEMATICS EXTENSION 2, PDHPE and TURKISH.

Every year over 1 in 3 HSC students are published by NSW Education Authority as Distinguished Achievers for receiving at least one HSC mark above 90 (Band 6). The percentage of Band 5s and Band6s are significantly more than the state average in nearly all courses offered (see Annual report for specific details). This is also reflected in the number of students who are awarded the Premiers Award every year for achieving a Band 6 in 5 or more courses.