Leppington Campus


Amity College is pleased to announce the plans to construct a  new school located at the intersection of Byron Road and Pluto Road Leppington (near the Ingleburn Road intersection). The complex will be a coeducational school comprising a 3-stream primary school and a 3-stream secondary school with a maximum capacity of 1,000 students. This project has received development approval as a state significant development by the Department of Planning in July 2020. The College hopes to open the primary school facilities in 2024.


  • Project received development consent on July 2020.
  • Site remediation has commenced December 2020 and completed July 2021.
  • DA modification consent for revised and accelerated staging with minor room configuration and faced change approved 30 July 2021.
  • Early works package including site clearing, site reshaping (bulk earthworks) and excavation of car park August 2021 – November 2021.
  • Tender for Stage 1 construction closed in October 2021, tender to awarded to Lloyd Group Pty Ltd in January 2022.

  •   DA s4.55(1a) minor modification consent approved 27 January 2022 for:  raised roof ridges, screening of rooftop plant, lift overrun and solar panels, additional external entry staircase to library  and minor changes to the terraced courtyard layout
  • Stage 1 construction works contract signed with Builder (Lloyd Group) Feb 2022, and construction commenced Mar 2022. Refer below for progress.


Early Works Description:

The early works tender package comprises the following:

■ Clearing of vegetation on the site.

■ Re-shaping the site, bulk earthworks.

■ Construction of sediment and erosion control devices and stormwater drainage measures.

■ Excavation work including Primary School basement car park area.

■ Creation of stockpiles and importation of approved fill to the site. Provision for construction parking and construction compound.

Stage 1 Works Description:

The revised Stage 1 of the School project involves accelerating Stages 1-4 of the following:

■ Construction of a new Primary School building complex, fronting Pluto Avenue.

■ Construction of basement car park under the Primary School building.

■ Provide accommodation for up to 300 students in a new primary School building complex.

■ Provide 45 car parking spaces in a basement car park.

■ Provide 17 pick up/drop off area at the front of the new Primary School.

■ Provision of substantial areas dedicated to open space, landscaping, and school student play areas.

Stage 1 Progress :

  • Stage 1 contract was signed with Builder, Lloyd Group in February 2022
  • Builder has progressed with site establishment and set-out  during Feb/Mar 2022
  • Heavy rain has hampered project progress Mar/Apr
  • Builder has completed basement concrete pour May 2022
  • Builder has progressed with ground floor formwork and Dincel wall installation for Basement car park June 2022


All the statutory approvals and plans for this project can be viewed the Department of Planning’s major projects website with the following link: https://www.planningportal.nsw.gov.au/major-projects/project/10256 The links  below contain all approved plans and consents.

Determinations :



Post approval documents are uploaded to Major Projects website refer to attached link:



Refer to below documents

Notifications & Other:

As part of the approved plans there will be opportunities for community consultation please refer to below documents :
Community Communication Strategy June 2021

Community Communication Strategy February 2022


For project development enquiries or complaint lodgement you can contact the School representative, Recep Aydogan, via email with [email protected]

Please find attached  211025 1442 Amity College – Complaint Register

Contact Details

For project development enquiries or complaint lodgement you can contact the School representative, Recep Aydogan, via email with [email protected]