How to login to Staff Portal

How to Login to Amity Staff Portal

These brief instructions, you will find information to help you with signing in to Amity Portal.

You can login to Amity Portal by clicking on the “Login” item above on desktops or the Amity Portal button on the Amity mobile website on the mobile devices.

Every item on Amity’s website and Amity Portal, including the forms, are responsive; they are accessible  from mobile devices as well.

On the login page, please click on the “Login to Amity with Google” button.  Please note that the appearance of this page might change in the near future, but you should always click on the Google Sign in button. 

On the Google Login page, please sign on with your Amity email ending with or choose your Amity account from the screen. You can only sign on with Amity staff accounts. If you have an error message, please sign off from your google account and sign on with your staff account again. Alternatively, you can use the “incognito mode” in Chrome, or “Private Browsing” in Safari.

Upon signing on you will be redirected to the Amity Portal page. This page replaces the old portal hosted on Google Pages. The new portal has everything on the old one with a better design and increased security.

On the top row you can find the common apps used by all the staff, second and third row have the apps used by Primary and High School teachers. The apps which are integrated with Google sign-in should open without the need to sign on again.

You can reach the necessary forms from Amity Portal as well. Simply choose the form you need from the accordion menu. Soon you will only be able to reach these forms through Amity Portal and direct FormStack links (those links not hosted on  will be disabled. Please update your favourites and/or saved links accordingly.

One extra feature of Amity Portal is you can easily reach the links for the Faculty Google groups, Task calendars and the various policies from the accordion menu on the bottom right

We hope you enjoy using the new Amity Portal. If you encounter any problems, please first try to quit your browser and sign the portal again, the problem persists please contact the Marketing team at [email protected] .

And if you have any questions, please keep in mind that we’re always here to help.

Live long and prosper 🖖🏼 ;

Marketing Team