Principal's Message

Whether you’ve had a long association with Amity College or whether this is your first contact with our school, it gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Auburn Primary Campus.


Education is a life-long journey and it is our aim to undertake this journey in partnership with our parents. It is our honour to share the responsibility for the successful navigation of each student through childhood and adolescence. We are committed to this partnership and strive to work together to ensure students develop the knowledge and skills required to not only be prepared for their future but to also make a difference to the lives of others.


At Auburn Primary, we aim to establish a dynamic and inspiring environment that nurtures and builds confidence in all children. I am hopeful that this will be realised through our holistic approach to education and engaging classroom settings as well as a number of intervention and enrichment programs implemented within our curriculum programs. 


It is the responsibility of all school communities to ensure children walk through the doors with a positive attitude to education and leave inspired with what has filled their hearts and minds. I am confident that we will continue to embrace the unique qualities of every individual that enter our grounds and it is our pleasure to invite you to visit our campus and see this for yourselves.


Ahmet Cimen
Amity College, Auburn Primary School