Careers Advice

Our Careers Services include:

• One-to-one careers counselling sessions with the Careers Adviser – these sessions are tailored to meet the individual needs and inquiries of students in guiding them through the process of post high-school career planning.

• Career Planning seminars to provide information on essential topics including developing employability skills, the future of work, UAC applications, adjustment factors, early offers, scholarships, educational access and other schemes, pre-tertiary and degree pathways.

• Career Exploration seminars with professional guests speakers from various fields

• Opportunities to take part in career expos, job-shadowing and industry visits to expose our students to the vast array of careers available in the world of work.

• Senior high-school pathway planning – various pathways are offered to help cater for the individual interests and abilities of our students. These pathways include ATAR, non-ATAR, Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses, School-Based Traineeships and Apprenticeships (SBAT).

• Guidance through subject selections during year 10 and senior school.

• Work experience and volunteer work opportunities

• Careers Newsletter – provided weekly on the schoolbox ‘Career News’ group page to ensure students and parent remain current with relevant events, opportunities and deadlines.

• Careers website – providing more than 100 different resources such as resume writing, subject selection guide, open days,university scholarships, course ATAR requirements and job profiles to assist in making career decisions and prepare for the workforce.

• Job Jump – our school’s subscription to this website of resources helps students make informed and personalised career choices.