Pastoral Care

Students are equipped with skills and experiences to make an impact on the world today and everyday. Throughout their time at Amity they are encouraged to be proactive and bold in constantly striving for individual progress and community wellbeing.

Mentoring & Coaching
Amity College mentors are selected graduates of the school who act as great role models and passionately help students to achieve their best. Mentoring and coaching activities take place in Amity tutoring homes to allow further academic
and spiritual growth.

Social Justice Projects
Extending a helping and loving hand lies at the core of the solution to the plight of those less fortunate in our world. Our students are provided countless opportunities to truly touch and change lives; gaining valuable insights and
rewarding experiences in the process.

Community Engagement
Collaboration and collective action is essential to truly raise happy and healthy young people who engage in meaningful interactions with their environment. We value our school community as well as the wider community immensely and thus
have a carefully designed set of programs to establish lasting, positive bonds.

Camps, Retreats and Trips
Practical experiences and stepping outside of one’s comfort zone create extraordinary learning opportunities. Our camps and trips are designed to allow our students to grow and develop while meeting new people and exploring new settings.

Values Based Learning
We would like each of our students to always be role models to others with their exceptional qualities and characteristics reflecting their high standards of values and morality. For this purpose we have programs which aim to explicitly teach
values and remind students of their importance.