Social Justice

At Amity College we strive for social justice in our local, regional and global communities. We aim to instil the values of care and compassion in our students and encourage them to become active global citizens who always advocate good. We truly believe that a change for better can be realised within individuals and as societies if we work together to eradicate existing social, economic and environmental problems.

The projects we run targeting various social justice issues help our students develop a strong sense of empathy and contribute to their character growth.  These projects range from local to global initiatives and range from nursing home visits and asylum seeker support programs to construction of water wells in impoverished communities and orphanage refurbishment ventures. All our students are involved in one or more of these initiatives throughout their education as well as other iconic fundraising programs such as Jeans for Genes Day and the Qurban Appeal.  In their senior years, students take on active roles in organising and running fundraising programs of immense scale allowing them to enhance their skills and abilities along the way.

Through our social justice program, from grade K to grade 12, our students experience the beauty of sharing and giving and grow and prosper as well-rounded and grounded individuals with a firm sense of justice.