Student Leadership

Leadership according to Amity is a healthy combination of attributes and qualities coupled with right skills in order to realise not only the individual’s unique set of talents and inter-personal skills but also to be the catalyst in inculcating within such leaders a sense of positive and healthy contributions to their societies and nation at large. Leadership in this sense is a natural growth and nurturing of bringing up ethical agents with a strong sense of constructive and positive contributions to society.

With such a backdrop in 2016 Amity’s GHS Student Leadership Committee went through its formative stage of gradually understanding team work, effective communication skills, conducting and organising projects but most importantly identifying the needs in their cohorts and how to effectively address them. From space and better conditions in sporting and overall school facilities to a request for increased numbers of drinking water facilities our SRC brought forth as agendas and school’s management took it on board for implementation.

Additional  leadership projects:

1- Inaugural Student Leadership Iftar wherein more than eleven schools across NSW were hosted to break bread over dinner and better understand the diversity in thought and outlook.

2- Multicultural Day has been held in Amity for a number of years and since 2013 the numbers of participating schools have steadily increased. In 2017 we anticipate this special day to be collaborated with five other schools for almost an entire school day.  Amity College not only prides in its diversity and its inclusive ethos, it also proactively seeks out to promote and initiate creative new ventures to channel and advance platform where leadership in its higher aims (that of true understanding of ‘other’ and building trusting, cohesive habits of engaging with one another) can be facilitated from a youth’s perspective as well as the larger community and society. This is why Multicultural Day is so strongly supported by Amity.

Amity is committed to proactively initiate and lead platforms and projects to promote positive avenues for engagement, inclusion and a healthy diverse and a cohesive Australia.