Weekly Webinar

Experience a Day With the Messenger (PBUH)

Dr Sertkaya will be describing the daily routines and rituals of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). He will highlight the habits which are beneficial for all to adopt.

Everyone has a Story to Tell

Jane Jeffes will be discussing some the amazing life stories of people she has met and those around her. She will also be discussing the fantastic program she organised during this last Ramadan with some co organisers – the period of the COVID-19 Pandemic and how she has engaged people from various communities to take part in the Recipes for Ramadan project.

Understanding & Connecting with the Youth Connecting with the Youth: Strategies and Implications

As a person growing up in an Australian context and hence has valuable information on how to connect with youth, Ahmet Ozturk provides strategies to connect with your children and establish a strong rapport.

Raising Leaders – Preparing our Children to Step Up

Marianne Saliba discusses ways in which we can encourage our children and youth to become leaders in the community. She provides first hand ideas and strategies from her own experiences.

Supporting My Child

Emotional and Behavioral Support of Children Psycologist Deniz Dagli provides somes practical ideas on ways of supporting our child at emotional situations and in behaviour modification methods.

The COVID-19 Stimulus and Support Measures – What can you access and how?

Tafizul Mohammed provides clear guidelines and facts about what is financially available for us during these hard times of COVID-19.

How to Manage Stress of Homeschooling While Working at Home

Psychologist Nasreen Hanifi presents to us some practical ideas on how to cope with stresses of COVID-19 impact of working from home whilst homeschooling children. Nasreen Hanifi embraces a variety of strategies to overcome the stress factors.

Punishment or an Opportunity? Staying Spritual in Difficult Times

A/Professor Salih Yucel will be discussing God’s way of testing humanity in difficult times and how humans can view the difficult times as a positivity in their lives.

Reflecting and Reconnecting in Ramadan

Dr Masheed Ansari looks at spirituality and how we can use it as a tool to reflect on ourselves and how to reconnect with others and society during the month of Ramadan.