Why Amity College ?

Amity is all about creating bonds and nurturing positive relationships which will essentially inspire progress, explore the depth of human potential, and achieve success. Our warm and caring environment is conducive to learning in all aspects of life.


Academic Excellence

We have earned a strong reputation for academic achievement with consistently excellent results in the HSC. All students have access to quality education through effective Learning Support and STEM initiatives.

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Moral and Ethical Values

Moral and ethical values are emphasised in all aspects of learning at Amity College. Our endeavours to raise empathetic and conscious students has established a culture of concern for the broader community through local and global social justice projects.

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Student Leadership and Support

We enable our students to not only learn but also bring into action the school values through various leadership programs. Our effective Peer Support and Duke of Edinburgh programs enhance the leadership capabilities of senior students while allowing junior students to develop a sense of importance and appreciation.

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Art and Culture

Every individual is talented and needs opportunities to discover and exhibit their creativity. Visual and Performing Arts is a vibrant and dynamic feature of our school, with students unearthing their skills in classical and contemporary art forms.

Parent-School Communication

Success of students can only be achieved with strong bonds and partnerships between schools and families. Our collaborative approach develops a sense of value and belonging, creating trust and strengthening community relationships.

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Extra-curricular activities

Academic excellence is enhanced through cultivating our students’ interests and abilities beyond the classroom via an extensive range of sporting, recreational and cultural co-curricular activities and electives

Come and experience Amity College, and become a part of our ever growing and ever evolving community.